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revibrahim's Journal

My thoughts on religion, spirituality, the occult, and Mainstream Religions

1 November
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I am a seeker of Gnosis and the Light that has been imprisoned in us. The Bible Taught me there was a God. Life has taught me there is a demiurge. I see YHVH as the ineffable Light and Source, and the Demiurge to be an emmanation that YHVH employed for whatever reason is unknown. I also realized that the Serpent/Lucifer/Satan seem to be the beings that tell it like it is and appreciate us for who we are. Satan/Lucifer is not an enemy of YHVH. He is a servant, like the Logos, who helps us escape the grips of Yaldaboath. I have done much thinking on this subject. I hold a B.A. in Biblical texts with a minor in Hebrew and Greek. I am working on Arabic and Latin as well. I have studied the Bible, the Quran, Gnostic Scritpres and LaVeyan Satanism. I also am currently Studying Hermeticism. I am working on my M.A. in Theology and also have 12 credits in Islamic Studies. I have worked with the Sufis as well. I used to be a Christian Minister, and have much knowledge on the corruption of the Bible (My favorite is in the OT where it says God doesn't repent, then he repented that He made Saul, then He says He doesn't repent. Tripartite contradiction. I believe the Bible to have wisdom and enlightenment in it, surrounded by propaganda and historiography that is a tad bit biased. You can see that they try to defame YHVH by attributing things that the demiurge does, and demonize Satan who actually set us free from Yaoldaboath. Satan is not "evil" per se. He is an entity of the true Force, the Tetragrammaton. I also believe in the dying and rising god men throughout history to teach us the way to Gnosis. I guess I'd be a Gnostic Satanist. If one carefully reads the OT, Satan was working WITH YHVH in heaven as a prosecuting attorney figure. Devil's Advocate if you will. The darkness is comfortable as well. There is no contradiction here. Paradox maybe. We seek Lucifer to enlighten us with his angelic beauty, but we tend to stick with the darkness. I think that is because that is just how we are. We are not ready for light yet. Darkness is peaceful. '

I am very active in dialogue. I tend to discuss it to a fault amongst my peers, or sometimes debate, all in good fun and gaining understanding . My goal is to be a Priest and offer seminars on the corruption of the Abrahamic God who oddly enough seems more like a human than a God. And I'd like to throw in that there is a good God out there in the Aeons, Who is gonna one day make all this all right. :) <3

Finally, I am a seeker who is awakening in the blanket of pure darkness and unknowing. Using knowledge, I see that Ha-Satan of the OT is our friend. I think he works along side the Holy Christos to reveal to us how to get out of our material world and onto the next level. PAX IN TENEBRAE. Together we can defeat the bigotry of the followers of the demiurge, using our minds, mouths, and pens. No weapons necessary. The Demiurge makes enough of that. I want to do seminars on Textual Criticism of the NT to show its fallacious points. That is all.